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Welcome to Righteous Ire



The website is going to be consistently under construction as we try to relearn how to use and apply more information, pages, goodies of all types. So please bare with us as we try to make this a site that will hopefully be approved and enjoyed by all of you. If any of you have any suggestions, ideas or comments on the site and think it would help improve it overall, or would like to help assist us on the website, please contact Lokiftw or Tyragon by email, ingame mail, etc.. We will try to do our best to apply anything within reason to the site.

Here is the Official and Complete Guild banner (Guild Banner). If at anytime anyone gains new visible upgrades or would like to change their image on the banner, please contact tyragon and we will update the guild logo image and movie.
(BTW no support ticket has been answered or help received to make this work properly)

All current guild members that have applied and been approved, please make sure to choose the correct time setting for your login name and/or characters. This will reduce any problems that show incorrect times on the raid schedule page and calendar.

    You may add your current characters that are currently in Righteous Ire to the website by way of using your login profile page (link to the left of your login area), and Roster Page (main navigation bar). Please fill out all the appropriate information for each character you have added. (Name, Race, level/levels, Class/classes, etc..)

    Please take time to sign up for the guild raids with your main DDO character on the raid schedule page so that we can make sure the above information provided will be correctly adjusted.

    Currently only registered RI guild members will be given access to add scheduled events on the calender, create forum topics and posts, and post images in the gallery.

Please read the following before you add, upload, or change anything.

    We are a free basic account website and still currently learning what boundaries we are limited too here at guildportal until at which time we are able to upgrade our account status to allow more overall access and file storage to be added.

We have listed a few minor guidelines we would like to be followed.
(If you may have any questions about or need help with the following information, please contact Lokiftw or Tyragon until further notice so that one of us will try to assist you in any manner that we can.)
Images / Gallery Page
    We are currently only allowed 15 megabytes of any directly uploaded files of any type to the website due to the fact that we are considered a free site. (This includes images, videos, documents, etc..)
    If you wish to add any of the mentioned or like to the site, please link anything as a thumbnail from your own personal file storage site such as Facebook, Photobucket, Imageshack, Youtube, etc..  If you are not sure how to go about this process, we will do our best to work with you to make them show or work correctly.

Raid Event Calendar Page
    We are limited to only 20 events overall on the Calendar Page.  We will try to do our best to allow a few free slots to allow anyone to create their own calendar event. Please be considerate to keep any events made to a single day and delete the event within 24 hours after that day has passed.

Forum Page

    As far as forum topics, posts, replies are considered, we are still currently learning what boundaries we are limited too. So as stated before, be considerate and responsible how many and how much topics and/or posts u create until we are able to learn the proper setup for this page and its properties.
Lastest Guild News and Website Additions and Changes
    Bank Page has been added. This is can be viewed by registered members only. If you have any questions or would like help how to use this page, please contact Tyragon

    Varchild has finally been captured! After much stalking and sneaking around, I have finally snared him and plastered his mugshot on the guild banner.. Now the hunt begins yet again to capture the last and rare Drachenfels.

Righteous Ire has hit level 80! Congrats goes out to Aoxo for winning the level 80 prize rolloff..
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